Gourmet Gadgets For The Kitchen

Gourmet gadgets are the items that bring a normal person’s kitchen up another notch to the level of the true chef. Many kitchen gourmet gadgets are intended to make an existing process easier but the most worthwhile gadgets will also elevate the taste of your food to a whole new level of culinary delight. Some of the best kitchen gadgets are discussed below.

One of the most useful kitchen gourmet gadgets is a pressure cooker. A pressure cooker is a tool that allows you to cook something in water at a higher temperature than water’s normal boiling point because it does not allow any steam or air to exit the container. As a result a pressure cooker will cook foods much quicker than most normal means. Also, the pressure cooker does not have the negative effect of leaching the vitamins and nutrients from vegetables the way simply boiling them does. Pressure cookers come in many different sizes and the price tends to change accordingly but a normal 6 quart size can usually only cost between $40.00 to $100.00.

Another one of the best kitchen gadgets is a tagine. Used largely in North African cuisine, a tagine is a two part device consisting of a plate and a conical top. The plate is placed on top of the stove with the top on it and then doubles as a serving dish. Also, with the top on the plate, the dish is kept warm. With a tagine, it is worthwhile to invest in a stainless steel base that allows for the most even heat distribution to the dish. Tagine’s tend to range from $100 to $200 with the majority around the $160.00 range.

Personally, I think one of the best kitchen gadgets, necessary for every household, is a slow cooker. Indispensable in the creation of any chili, soup or roast, a slow cooker will tenderize and mositen all meats that stand in its way. Some of the most gamey of meats are usually best cooked in a slow cooker, like venison for instance. Slow cookers range in price from around $50.00 for a small one to $150 for a large gourmet one, with the majority of the better ones in the $75.00 area.

One of the most effective items at sprucing up the every day sandwich is the panini press. Existing both in electric and oven top formats (the oven top format is generally a press you put on top of the sandwich while it is in a frying pan), this little item can make many regular old deli sandwiches into a gourmet delight. The manual version costing frequently around $15 to $20.00 also makes it one of the more affordable of the kitchen gadgets.

From the most mediocre cooks to world famous chefs, all those who enjoy preparing food can benefit from a few good kitchen gadgets. They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and there is nothing like selecting some of the best gourmet gadgets to help you get there.

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